Monday, November 9, 2009

High Level Guidance

Is there an area in your life in which you're feeling stuck? Some issue in which you'd like to receive insight or clarity? If so, tonight's "Meditation for Parent's" group is for you. (And if you happen to be in a good place right now -- no urgent or pressing matters -- you may want to come anyway and experience a simple practice for accessing your own intuition, or, if you prefer, "High Level Guidance, at any time.

I'm often struck by how hard it is to receive that guidance. Most of us haven't been raised to "Ask for help" from anyone -- and certainly not help from a source that, if you have been exposed to religion in your past, may prompt more questions (or concerns, fears, or inhibitions) than answers. Yet we probably all know how our perspective can change when we go to a yoga class, have a drink out with a friend or better yet, take a vacation someplace warm and fun. (Okay, maybe before we had kids a vacation someplace fun and warm would prompt relaxation. Most parents I know return from vacation with their kids in desperate need of a "real vacation"!) Whatever it is we do that truly helps us to "Let Go.", -- it is in the releasing of our white-knuckled grip that our perspective opens and allows insights to arise.

There are some wonderful practices for releasing our grip. Meditation is just one of them. For some of us it's running or acupuncture. There are also some excellent practices for opening to and receiving intuition (call it clarity, direction or wisdom if you prefer). These practices work regardless of your spiritual or religious orientation. Over the weeks, I'll be sharing some of them here.

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